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Take a Perfect April Shower

April 11th, 2014 • Posted by Facelogic Spa Las Vegas • Permalink

Spring is in full swing!

The days are longer, and the sun is stronger. After a long day of work, play and everything in between, you can't wait to step into a hot HOT shower and get that day behind you.

But could your shower be better for your skin? Here are a few things to think about before you step into that steam chamber.

Not too hot.
Your shower water should be warm, lukewarm, in fact. Hot water strips your skin and hair of it's natural oils, leaving you looking dull and dry. Lower the temperature of your water and watch your skin glow again!

Put your face on hold.
Wash your face in the sink. You can use cooler water, which is better for your delicate face skin. Plus you won't be

Don't scrub yourself so hard.
The shower is a great place to use a sugar scrub or other exfoliant. But the texture of the product should be enough to do it. Scrub too hard and you will irritate and possibly inflame your skin. Keep your touch light, and you new skin cells will thank you for it.

Moisturize right away.
The best time to put your moisturizer on is when your skin is still damp. Keep a container of coconut oil in the shower and slather it all over before you grab your towel. It saves time and makes your moisturizer more effective.

Get the most out of your April showers, and remember to play it smart with your skincare.

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