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Give Your Skin a Spring Break

April 11th, 2014 • Posted by Facelogic Spa Las Vegas • Permalink

Spring is the time to get back into action, soak up the sun, and get outside. As the sun starts strengthening its rays toward summer, you should remember these easy tips to give your skin a break.

1. Take a break from heavy creams.

Your thick winter cream is just too much for the light airy spring. Find a lightweight formula that won't leave your skin greasy, but will give it the moisture it needs.

Pro Tip: Fill a bottle with purified water and 2 pumps of your favorite moisturizer. Shake it like a Poloroid picture and give your face a spritz before you head out the door.

2. Take a break from the sun.

Ideally, you should be wearing sunblock every day, all year long, but in winter months, the sun's rays don't seem as harsh, and we have a tendency to "forget" sunblock. Get back on that horse, and invest in a quality full-spectrum sunblock to keep your skin in top shape.

Pro Tip: Spend good money on a sunblock you really will wear every day. If you hate it, you won't wear it. SO take the time to find one you can love. Every day. Forever.

3. Take a break from make-up.

Less is more, and none is even better. If you can't go without makeup, pare it down to the essentials: mascara, nude eye, pink or peach lip gloss. Keeping your makeup routine simple helps keep your skincare routine simple.

Pro Tip: Keep a bottle of your favorite face wash by the kitchen sink. As soon as you know you have no where to go, wash it all off and blot dry with a paper towel.

4. Take a break from doing it all yourself.

Get a facial. You really do it all. Every day. Give yourself a break! Let a professional guide your skin into spring. A routine facial help replenish what the sun, wind, and harsh elements take away.

Pro Tip: With a professionally guided, personalized skin regimen, you can maintain the warm youthful glow of spring all year long.

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